Juliana Byers (she/they)

Born in 1998 in Orlando, FL

Instagram: @julianabyers @chamber.maid

E-mail: julianabyers@gmail.com


2016 - 20 University of Miami (BS in Nursing)

Selected Exhibitions

2021 Pop Up Series, Parkhaus15, Orlando, FL

2020 Architecture and Placemaking, Orlando Museum of Art

2019 Art in the Dark, University of Miami

2018 Juried Student Exhibition, Rainbow Gallery, Miami, FL

Curatorial Experience

2021 The Petal That Falls First, ForForFor, Orlando, FL

Awards and Recognition

2020 Honorable Mention (Architecture and Placemaking, Orlando Museum of Art)

Selected Publications

2021 Gelatin Magazine, Issue 6 (link)

2019 Mamey, Issue 2 (link)

2018 WVUM 90.5's Zine for the Miami Book Fair

2018 Mamey (link)